Team members

Kaoru Tomita: Team leader
Shinko Takahashi: Assistant team leader
Kunie Sekijima
Yumiko Usui

This professional dance team boasts great performers who are all blessed with not only highly-skilled tap technique but also expressiveness, passion and great artistry.

The team has also performed in some events held in the U.S.A. and it was warmly welcomed and highly evaluated especially at the concert which was held during St. Louis Tap Festival (2001).

It is definitely one of the most popular and successful tap dance teams in Japan. Their live stage show called “SHALL WE TAP?” received high acclaim for its outstanding performances and their success has given them a title of “pioneer” in this country since it had a significant influence on other domestic tap dancers and their live shows later on.

The team members are very active in various fields. They teach, choreograph and appear in many shows, events and some TV programs. Each member performs also as a solo artist from time to time. They have highly popular dance classes, too.

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