What is "Tap Dancing" like?

The most distinguishing feature of tap dancing is that it is a dance danced with special shoes on with metal pieces called "taps" attached to the soles which produce sound when dancing.

While there are many stories of how tap dance originated, the most authentic one tell us like this: "It was a traditional clog dance danced by miners by stamping their feet in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Northumberland areas in England. Later it was introduced to the U.S.A. and was modified by the black slaves".

They further refined their dancing, and even made a show tour in Europe in the 1800's. Around 1840, mistrel shows made their appearance in which white people imitated black people by painting their faces black. In these years and later, tap dance continued to get more popularity.

In Japan, tap dancing became popular during a short period before and after the last war, however, it has not regained the popularity it once enjoyed. We believe, it becoming high time for us to revive it, and making our utmost efforts day after day to realize it.